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Epta brands’ activity conforms to the guidelines established by the Group in its Integrated Management Systems.

The aim of these is to align all procedures in order to rigorously pursue excellence in quality while fully respecting the environment and the community. In this respect, all Epta brands fully meet the standards for designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing and maintaining temperature-controlled display cabinets and associated systems, in compliance with Total Quality criteria that are shared and acknowledged throughout the Group for each step in production.

All the details regarding the certifications of the production plants are available within the CSR Report of Epta.



Epta adheres to the voluntary European Eurovent program for the energy performance levels of refrigerated counters. Eurovent independently certifies the performance of the equipment in terms of air treatment, air conditioning and refrigeration based on shared European and international standards. The objective of the voluntary Eurovent certification is to strengthen client confidence through a common and independent platform for all manufacturers, which may help increase the integrity and accuracy of industrial appraisal: that's why an easy-to-read label was created to guide in the appraisal of the counter's energy performance levels.