Epta Group is the star of the Tiv Ta'am store in Be'er Sheva in southern Israel with the partner Haargaz Group. It is a supermarket with a modern layout where the versatility of the Bonnet Névé and Eurocryor solutions contributes to enhancing a store with an international soul

The city of Be'er Sheva, “capital of the Neghev desert" is a dynamic area, known as the cybersecurity hub of Israel and seat of the renowned Ben Gurion university: a strategic place for the opening of the new store of Tiv Ta'am. It is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Israeli market for non-kosher products and the food chain with the most significant growth in 2020 in the Israeli market.

 Since its foundation, it has set itself apart for the desire to bring a wide range of specialities from all over the world to consumers' tables, together with high quality fresh produce. To promote the unique quality of Tiv Ta'am and offer an engaging shopping experience, Epta has created an elegant and welcoming setting that, also through a play of colours between the chilled cabinets and the surroundings, highlights the richness of the assortment on offer. Worthy of note, for example, are the Skylight chilled cabinets by Bonnet Névé with black frame, in contrast with the warm shades of the light wood walls.

The area dedicated to meat, cured meats and cheeses is also impressive, where the traditional chilled cabinet by Eurocryor is the ideal choice for both serve-over and pre-packaged products. The linear and highly customisable aesthetics enhance the freshness of the cuts and, at the same time, the high transparency guarantees maximum visibility.

To further confirm the international character of Tiv Ta'am, European wines and sparkling wines complete the offer of cured meats and cheeses presented inside the chilled semivertical cabinet SkyLook by Bonnet Névé, thanks to the possibility of positioning complementary commodities on the roof and thereby promote cross-merchandising.