Epta International alongside Tesco to restyle the hypermarket of Kaposvár, in south-west Hungary: a store focused on a design based on three key factors: customer satisfaction, sustainability and respect for the area.

To contribute to the installation, Epta devised an experiential route in the fresh and frozen department that stands out for a rhythmic alternation between vertical, semivertical and traditional, closed and opened chilled cabinets. The solutions, branded Costan, were selected to increase the quality of each specific product category, and are characterised by a coordinated look&feel thanks to the elegant dark grey finishes. Furthermore, to ensure the highest reduction in carbon footprint, Epta International proposed solutions that boast cutting-edge technology, such as CO2, natural refrigerant with minimum GWP, and LED lighting. It is precisely the aesthetics cared for in every detail and the vast range of depth combined with respect for the environment, the traits that Tesco appreciated the most, as they are perfectly in line with the principles behind the brand identity.

In the serve-over area, the specialties of the gastronomy and cured meats are enhanced by the Velvet cabinets, with curved glass and Studio aesthetics, which draw inspiration from the functional design, for a perfect balance between the elements of the structure and the best interaction of the Customers with the products.

In the area dedicated to desserts, the mignons and the cakes for special occasions, become a delight for the eyes before the palate thanks to the choice of the Soul pastry cabinet by Eurocryor  with large glazed surfaces.

Furthermore, the Turaco vertical chilled cabinet is worthy of note, designed to display fruit and vegetables, loose and of the fourth range, arranged on special shelves tilted 42°, to ensure a better view of the freshness of the products and recreate an atmosphere typical of town markets.


To finish, the vertical display cabinets Lion also stand out in the self-service area, proposed in both the Open and Closed version, to present and increase the appeal of the vast offer of pre-packaged articles and beverages.