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Epta Austria, the specialist in commercial refrigeration.


Our office is located in Wiener Neudorf. Contact us to know more about our offer.


As a leader supplier, Epta Austria is specializing in a comprehensive selection of refrigerated cabinets and systems.
Epta Austria is a key player in engineering, installation and maintenance services for turnkey projects in commercial and industrial refrigeration and, since it belongs to Epta Group, also supplies state-of-the-art and efficient commercial refrigeration equipment, such as, Cabinets, Power Packs, Cold Rooms and Food & Beverage, under the brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp, respectively.

Based in Wiener Neudorf, the company already put itself on the map thanks to its consolidated partnerships with the Main Retailer Brands and Industrial Clients. Moreover, it also operates abroad. 


Our offer: complete commercial refrigeration solutions for Retail, Food and Beverage and Ho.re.ca. distribution 


Epta Austria has developed professional refrigerated display cases and cabinets with a customised, innovative design that offers an unparalleled Customer Experience in any type of shop – from mini-markets to maxi stores –whilst also harnessing opportunities provided by the latest digital frontiers and respecting sustainability.

  • Refrigerated service counters and self-service counters for fresh, unpacked and packed food products

  • Vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets for fresh, packaged products

  • Refrigerated cabinets for the sale of frozen products

  • Plug-in refrigerated cabinets for fresh and frozen products

  • Vending machines

Epta's brands

Epta Austria is able to offer a comprehensive range of products from all the many brands of Epta. Epta’s brands in the field of commercial refrigeration are leaders in their market segments. Each has its own individual story, combined with that of the Group it is now a part of. The defining elements of each Epta brand include best-in-class technological expertise and ongoing partnerships with the Group’s other brands in order to offer Retail, Food&Beverage and Hospitality businesses, a complete and customised range of products that meet the needs of every type of store.

Areas of Expertise

Epta Austria is working with a focus on the design, construction, and maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration

The constant layout evolutions of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Cash & Carry’s aiming the ever-increasing Customer demands, require a continuous development in the solutions we present.

From solutions with remote cabinets, using CO2 or freón racks, to ecological plug-in cabinets, Epta Austria has the technology and strategic partnerships capable of presenting “turn-key” projects that meet the specific needs of our Customers.

We develop innovative and efficient solutions with the minimum environmental impact, helping to improve the operating performance of our Customers.

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Epta Service

Repairs and maintenance contracts: in addition to repairs, Epta's service offer includes preventive maintenance, inspections (such as leak testing), and cleaning of refrigerated condensers. For a safe and energy-efficient use of the furniture. Retrofitting refrigerated cabinets - efficient and environmentally friendly: Epta retrofits existing refrigerated cabinets to bring them up to the latest state of the art. In addition to the technology, this can also improve the operating performance as well as the energy efficiency. Without investment for a new unit!

Spare Parts

A central spare parts warehouse guarantees the prompt delivery of spare parts. Furthermore, there is the possibility of access to the online store to select and order the desired parts on your own. The parts can be easily identified by the refrigeration unit serial number and are quickly available even years after the initial installation.


Epta develops individually designed sales areas together with the customer. The aim is to optimally design the goods presentation areas and adapt them to the respective conditions of the store. Everything is covered, from planning to implementation and installation to reliable operation.

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