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Great Expertise at your Service: EptaService provides assistance quickly and efficiently


Epta is a complete system provider supplying turnkey commercial refrigeration solutions. Apart from its range of products, it also offers a variety of after-sales technical assistance services through its specialist brand, EptaService, ensuring customer efficiency and continuity.

A smooth workflow, efficient processes and uninterrupted operations are vital for Retail, Food & Beverage, Ho.Re.Ca. and Industrial businesses that are sure to rely on seamless technical assistance.


LifeCycle Program: after-sales service package, flexibility and modularity, for commercial refrigeration products and systems


EptaService offers expert and proactive support through the innovative LifeCycle Program: competent consulting which embraces a wide range of services, during the entire lifecycle of products and store. Many strong points for the benefit of the client: adoption of evolved digital technologies focused on maximum connectivity, which results in a greater and more efficient duration of the equipment and a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

The LifeCycle Program is available to clients through two complete assistance plans to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and reliability: Main and Xtend.

  • Main – Maintenance and Service Program is the complete maintenance and service plan for existing systems and equipment

  • XTend – Extended Warranty Program is a premium offer dedicated to new projects which allows to access digital platforms and use of advanced remote diagnostics for all the solutions.

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