Epta International is a leading supplier of the full range of remote control and plug-in refrigeration products to the retail, food and beverage and Ho.Re.Ca sectors in the region where we operate



The retail market is evolving at a rapid pace. Epta is continuously developing innovative and sustainable solutions to help retailers meet new requirements. Technological trends, changing consumer habits and stringent international regulations play a role in the current market scenario.

With our expertise and years of experience, we help retailers find solutions to their customers' needs by customizing professional refrigerated display cases and cabinets and developing innovative designs suitable for any type of business.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets

Epta's offer includes products and service solutions for retailers equipping medium and large supermarkets: from planning the layout to designing the refrigeration system and manufacturing refrigerated cabinets for all product groups, fresh or frozen, including customized refrigerated cabinets and cabinets.

Convenience stores

Epta is offering solutions and equipment to meet all requirements, a range of products for this type of stores that need compact food cabinets that are slim, powerful and environmentally friendly.

Specialist shops

Gourmet stores, butchers and specialty stores: each has its own needs. Epta works with specialists to offer complete, high-quality solutions and optimized technologies tailored to the different categories of goods.

Discount stores

Epta furnished many discount stores in the past. Nowadays it is one of the most successful type of store because it is selling products at lower prices than traditional retail outlets. They offer a wide assortment of goods.

Neighborhood stores

One of Epta's specialties are neighborhood stores, that are locally owned businesses. They are designed to meet the demands of consumers who live in close proximity to the establishment.

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Increasingly, the ability to evolve is critical to success in the food and beverage marketplace: companies are growing in search of visual merchandising options that can highlight their brand while encouraging impulse purchases. At the same time, it is becoming more and more important to offer technologies for sustainable economic development that support digital evolution while enabling new buying experiences.
Through the expertise of its specialized brands, Epta is able to supply food and beverage retailers with its plug-in refrigerated cabinets that offer a natural refrigerant option with superior personalization and technology.

Bars and ice-cream parlours

Ice cream is consumed all year round and is increasingly the protagonist of innovative formats such as flagship stores or retail outlets. We offer you a wide range of products specifically designed for this type of food with their refrigerated cabinets for bars and ice cream parlors and refrigerated display cases.


Answering the needs of professional catering companies, Epta offers solutions and innovative products: Refrigeration systems, including cold rooms, that perfectly preserve and protect food while providing excellent performance and seamless product presentation.


Excellent conservation and complete protection of food: These are the requirements that large hotel chains place on the refrigeration sector.

Restaurants & Bars

Products that are ultra-fresh, perfectly preserved and attractively presented: These are the elements that make up the range designed for the gastronomy sector.

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