Central and Eastern Europe

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Advancing Commercial Refrigeration in Central and Eastern Europe


Epta International is able to cover nearby countries with our own commercial team supported by our distributors and service partners in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Baltics, Balkans, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russian Federation.   

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Epta's brands

Epta International is able to offer a comprehensive range of products from all the many brands of Epta also in Central and western Europe.  Epta’s brands in the field of commercial refrigeration are leaders in their market segments. Each has its own individual story, combined with that of the Group it is now a part of. The defining elements of each Epta brand include best-in-class technological expertise and ongoing partnerships with the Group’s other brands in order to offer Retail, Food&Beverage and Hospitality businesses, a complete and customised range of products that meet the needs of every type of store.

Areas of expertise

Epta in the Central and Western Europe offers, as in all the countries served by the Group, a complete range of services, from designing and planning for stores and refrigerated lines to aftersales services, maintenance, remote monitoring and retrofitting cabinets.


EptaService offers expert and proactive support through the innovative LifeCycle Program: competent consulting which embraces a wide range of services, during the entire lifecycle of products and store.

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Epta provides support in transforming clients’ needs for concept design with customized and optimized solutions suitable for any store layouts.

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Project Management

Epta International applies its advanced technical skills to the development of turnkey projects to suit the most specific requirements. We can provide a complete offer, from planning to the construction of refrigerated display cabinets and refrigeration packs, to installation and in-store servicing. Epta International’s custom-built solutions offer the flexibility to manage a wide range of schemes, from a single specific requirement to an all-inclusive turnkey project. Our Installation Management can be tailored to suit your business.

CO2 Technology & Green Refrigeration

One of the major Serbian supermarket chains choosed the professionalism of Epta International for their first CO2 transcritical installation, designed for the new store of Belgrade. As a turning point, showing its renewed commitment for sustainable development.

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