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A leading supplier specializing in a comprehensive selection of refrigerated cabinets and systems

Epta Portugal is a company specializing in engineering, installation and maintenance services for turnkey projects in commercial and industrial refrigeration and, since it belongs to Epta Group, also supplies state-of-the-art and efficient commercial refrigeration equipment, such as, Cabinets, Power Packs, Cold Rooms and Food & Beverage, under the brands Bonnet Névé, Costan, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp, respectively

Based in Porto, with branches in Lisbon, Figueira da Foz, Covilhã and Portimão, it is a key player thanks to its consolidated partnerships with the Main Retailer Brands and Industrial Clients. Moreover, it also operates abroad. 

Epta Portugal distinguishes itself for its technological DNA and it is dedicated to innovative solutions and services to guarantee Total Customer Satisfaction, through optimized engineering design with state-of-the-art and efficient technologies together with minimum environmental impact, imposing a high quality and technical execution in the installation, maintenance, and after-sales, both for turnkey projects and supply of Epta equipment. 

The company positions itself in the market as a partner of reference in every phase of the project: from consulting to pre-sales, to the selection of the best suited and complete refrigeration solution according to the Client’s needs, up to the final stage of installation and after-sales service.

Epta's brands

Epta Portugal is able to offer a comprehensive range of products from all the many brands of Epta. Epta’s brands in the field of commercial refrigeration are leaders in their market segments. Each has its own individual story, combined with that of the Group it is now a part of. The defining elements of each Epta brand include best-in-class technological expertise and ongoing partnerships with the Group’s other brands in order to offer Retail, Food&Beverage and Hospitality businesses, a complete and customised range of products that meet the needs of every type of store.

Areas of Expertise

Epta Portugal is working with a focus on the design, construction, and maintenance of Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

The constant layout evolutions of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Cash & Carry’s aiming the ever-increasing Customer demands, requires a continuous development in the solutions we present.
From solutions with remote cabinets, using CO2 or freón racks, to ecological plug-in cabinets, Epta Portugal has the technology and strategic partnerships capable of presenting “turn-key” projects that meet the specific needs of our Customers.

We develop innovative and efficient solutions with the minimum environmental impact, helping to improve the operating performance of our Customers.

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Commercial Refrigeration

The constant layout evolutions of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Cash & Carry’s aiming the ever-increasing Customer demands, requires a continuous development in the solutions we present. From solutions with remote cabinets, using CO2 or freon racks, to ecological integral/plug-in cabinets, EPTA Portugal has the technology capable of presenting “turn-key” projects that meet the specific needs of our Customers.

Industrial Refrigeration

In the Industrial Refrigeration there are special and very specific needs for each application depending on the type of food product or manufacturing process. The engineering teams are dedicated in development, building and servicing to evaluate and design, together with the Customer, the best and the most correct technical solution according to the type and operation of each installation. Our extensive experience in all the Industrial Areas enable us to present technologically advanced value added solutions with “green”, ammonia (NH3) or carbon dioxide (CO2) fluids, secondary fluids or even with low global warming potential (GWP) fluids.


The reliability, safety and quality of the installations designed and built by Epta demonstrate our investment in know-how, which translates into more 'smart' investments and operating costs. Our Engineering Teams work, together with the Customers and manufacturers, in order to create state-of-the-art installations and those that fit better to each specific business. Whether they are 'green' solutions using ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2) or hydrocarbons, or solutions with low global warming potential (GWP) fluids, Epta Portugal invests in the development of state-of-the-art installations for a more efficient and effective operation.

After Sales

Epta Portugal has a territorial coverage that allows it to provide quick and quality service in any part of the country: this is the EptaService! The reliability of our Customers refrigeration installations at any day or any time, 24/7, is Epta Portugal priority, which has qualified technicians and equipped vehicles to carry out the work efficiently and effectively. In compliance with Regulation (EU) 517/2014, Regulation (EU) 2015/2067 and Portuguese Law 145/2017, Epta Portugal and its technicians are authorized and certified to provide installation, repair, maintenance or servicing and decommissioning to refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.

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EptaConcept, is the department in Epta Group specialised in shaping original and made-to-measure commercial spaces, corners, kiosks, to offer consumers an exclusive experience.

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Transcritical Co2: the energy saving system

Epta Portugal reached Lagos, Portugal in 2022 with it's first transcritical CO2 system installed in Portugal. Combined with ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency), the Epta subcooler guarantees operation of the system at any latitude. This technology reduces the temperature of the refrigerant before it is distributed to the end users. Furthermore, it allows almost total disappearance of “flash gas", allowing significant energy saving.

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