Costan-branded Epta refrigerated units have contributed towards shaping the distinctive layout of the “magical" Silpo store, built inside the new Blockbuster Mall shopping centre in Kiev, Ukraine.

Imagine the magical world of an ancient forest. An enchanted place, inspired by a classic Ukrainian poem, which is the setting for the incredible adventures of Mavka: spirit of the forest, mysterious, but also strong and combative.

And now imagine that you can immerse yourself in this exciting journey every time you go shopping. Your unique shopping experience is made possible by the collaboration between Silpo, the renowned Ukrainian brand of the Fozzy Group and the Animagrad animation studio (FILM.UA group). This is an original project that has led to the creation of a store that is completely inspired by the animated film “Mavka. The forest song".

A sales outlet covering approximately 9,000 m2 designed to recreate the fantastic atmosphere of the cartoon, with the aim of keeping Ukrainian culture and traditions alive in the younger generations. In this setting, Silpo turned to Epta for the layout of its display space, by virtue of the wide range of refrigerated units under the Costan brand, which are highly efficient, produced with light wood finishes, and integrate perfectly into the store's leitmotiv, contributing towards its uniqueness.

Specifically, for the display of the products, some of which are branded with the image of Mavka, the following were chosen: the Cayman 2 vertical combined refrigerated cabinets, dedicated to frozen products, and the Gazelle and Lion vertical units, which are also suitable for constructing islands, ensuring maximum visibility of pre-packaged fresh food. Costan also proposed the Tortuga 2 horizontal counter, characterized by its modern sliding covers in glass that guarantee excellent visibility of the product and greater ease of access to the goods, and the Chorus refrigerated panoramic island, ideal for encouraging impulse purchases and for promotional sales. Lastly, the installation is completed by the traditional Rossini Design cabinets, the semi-vertical Aeria Next units and the Keplero Next refrigerated table, all of which have tailored designs that enhance the visibility of fresh food.