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Epta collaborates once again with its distributor Freddo S.A. for the first ETE installation in Greece of the HELLENIC HYPERMARKETS SKLAVENITIS S.A. chain, the largest Retailer in the country.

Zero-mileage products & efficiency: the winning recipe of HELLENIC HYPERMARKETS SKLAVENITIS S.A.
A promise of value which is represented by the close collaboration with suppliers and local farmers, who apply eco-friendly processes to guarantee sustainable high-quality products. A further important aspect is the attention to efficiency, which has led the Retailer to choose the advanced ETE technology (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) designed to make the use of CO2 performing in every climate condition and guarantee a high degree of reliability of the transcritical systems.

ETE is efficient also in hotter climates
ETE, efficient also in hotter climates, is a parallel compression system designed specifically to overcome the limits of the refrigerant. The solution, composed by a subcooling unit inserted into the refrigeration circuit, reduces the temperature of the CO2 from the gas cooler before its distribution, ensuring 100% refrigerated capacity between 30°C and 40°C, in addition to a significant saving beyond 40°C.

ETE allows the almost total disappearance of “flash-gas”, in favour of a correct operation of the system and significant energy saving. For even higher performance, ETE can be combined with FTE 2.0 (Full Transcritical Efficiency), in favour of an annual reduction of energy consumption between 15 and 23% (if compared to traditional CO2 systems).

A balanced mix of tradition and modernity
The store is known for a balanced mix of tradition and modernity thanks to the elegant combination of modern black furnishings and light-coloured floors, for a clean, linear and highly contemporary appeal. The overall layout features a corner dedicated to cheese furnished with the serve-over Velvet Studio cabinet, branded Costan, ideal for the preservation and presentation of fresh loose products such as dairy products. The corner is further enriched by the Boutique rear cabinet, always branded Costan, black, and in the closed version which, with its minimalist and squared design, merges maximum versatility in the storage of refrigerated products or at room temperature.

Positioned close to the same area, the GranSibari semivertical is ideal to emphasise pre-packed fresh products thanks to its flexible layout, which allows to create island compositions.

Finally, in the frozen department, the stars are the GranBering vertical refrigerated cabinets that feature exclusive full height doors, able to offer unrivalled merchandising and product visibility.