An invisible refrigerated wall by Epta in the new Continente Bom Dia in Portugal


Continente Bom Dia, the “Trusted Brand" of Portuguese consumers, opens a new supermarket in the district of Bom João in Faro, port city in Southern Portugal and entrusts itself to Epta for the best refrigeration solutions. The store, with a sales area of 1400 m² and an assortment of thousands of products, is created to offer a complete experience to its loyal customers.

Strong point of the store is sustainability. The Brand, in addition to adopting strategies to minimise food waste and stimulate conscious recycling, has chosen refrigerated furnishings branded Bonnet Névé that set themselves apart for technical and energy performance.

The vertical SkyView Plus refrigerated cabinet and the incorporated unit vertical cabinet MultiFresh Plus, in energy class B, are the top of the range among the positive temperature cabinets. The exclusive design that characterises the two families, SkyEffect and MultiCity ensure maximum homogeneity among the lanes of the supermarket dedicated to the self-service of pre-packaged meat and cheese, sliced meats, yogurt, dairy products, ready-made dishes, beverages and fourth and fifth range products. Furthermore, SkyView Plus is also present in the Open version to enhance the early fruits and vegetables in bulk. The merchandising layout is designed to simplify and guide the consumers in their purchases: the impression is of finding yourself in front of a wall of products where the cabinet becomes invisible and the food takes centre stage.

The same perception of a wall of fame is found in the frozen area, thanks to the vertical SkyLight refrigerated cabinet that guarantees an unprecedented visibility of the offer. The cabinet is designed to perfectly align itself with all the furnishings of the SkyEffect family and create continuity among the departments. For frozen food, Epta also proposed the horizontal Agora ECO cabinet whose glass sliding doors enhance the products merging food safety, food security and reduced energy consumption.

To finish, for promotions and impulse buying, Epta installed the panoramic island Captur. The all glass minimal design ensures a complete view of the ice cream cakes, from every angle. The feature of the Portuguese installation is the front in wood personalised with the logo and colours of the brand. For a supermarket that wants to stand out and is “always ready to impress".