Bleykolm engages Epta to restyle its store of Weiz, in Austria, choosing Eurocryor and Costan branded solutions. Goal: renew the spaces of the sales area, of approx. 500m², and highlight the regional specialties.

The Group, with its local partner HTP Kälte-Klima&Kompressorservice gmbh, managed the entire project, from the study of the store layout, to the personalization of the furnishings, working in close contact with the client. Bleykolm particularly appreciated the unique design of the Bistrot RD cabinet by Eurocryor. It was specifically produced to respond to the challenge of inserting a cabinet that is able to adapt perfectly to the layout of the shop which includes a column in the serve-over area. ‘I was very satisfied with the support from the first meeting throughout the planning. I am especially happy about the integration of the column into the cabinet – before we started working together I had had many sleepless nights trying to find a solution and together with Epta we did’, added Mr. Roland Bleykolm, the owner of the store.

Among the chosen cabinets, the self-service display island Mini Twin by Eurocryor also stands out, guaranteeing maximum enhancement of the products. The transparent back of Mini Twin ensures natural brightness and enhances the qualities of the products.

Finally, Bleykolm of Weiz also features the positive temperature vertical cabinets GranVista Next by Costan, in the Open version, dedicated to fresh, dairy and ready-to-eat products. These elegant cabinets present a greater load capacity to create a true and proper "display wall" and guarantee better visibility

The refined aesthetics of the Costan and Eurocryor solutions combined with the high level performances and maximum respect for the environment make a significant contribution to the success of the installation.