Quality, efficiency and aesthetics by Epta International, for Vomar Voordeelmarkt


Assumburg Koeltechniek, partner of Epta International, collaborates with Vomar Voordeelmarkt, a chain of discount stores in the Netherlands, for the opening of its first Weesp store. The store, located in the centre of the town, was opened to offer Customers a full range of products for a quick shopping trip, focused on quality, convenience and functionality.

Assumburg and Epta International have contributed to achieving these goals thanks to a set-up studied in detail, able to merge aesthetics and practicality, for a fresh and frozen product area with a look and feel that is typically Vomar.

Worthy of note is the layout of the furnishings, branded Costan: the vertical refrigerated cabinets GranVista and GranBering are aligned along the perimeter of the structure, to frame the central area. Here, the protagonists are the semivertical open GranSibari and the refrigerated self-service cabinets Verdi Max used as end of island cabinets to highlight the offers, a distinctive element of all Vomar stores realised with Epta. A layout conceived to guarantee the Customer an all-round view of the products on display, which allows them to take in the entire range of products with a single glance.

The variety of the fruit and vegetable department is also enhanced by a special customised version of GranSibari, with wood colour finishes and sloping  boxes. The latter is a detail created for Vomar to ensure a better view of the loose firstlings and a perfect integration with the adjacent non-refrigerated display stands.

Excellence, efficiency and aesthetics: these are the charactersitics of the Costan solutions that Vomar appreciates the most and which find direct correspondence in the choice of refrigerated cabinets of the GranFit family, to show the shared commitment for the sustainable future of Large Scale Distribution. One such example is the vertical refrigerated cabinet GranVista designed with a view to ecodesign, to achieve up to energy class B. At the Weesp store, it is proposed with Advance doors and glass terminal ends, for a greater transparency that emphasises the prepackaged articles and the beverages.

Finally, in the frozen food department stand out the vertical type refrigerated cabinets GranBering combined with the horizontal island refrigerated cabinets Tortuga with sliding doors. Together they create compositions of asbolute display coherency, empowered by the frames of the doors and panels of the same shade of light grey, chosen to respond to the specific requests of Vomar