Epta and the Greek distributor FREDDO S.A. are once again partners and protagonists of a successful FTE installation with transcritical CO2 technology at SKLAVENITIS Store at Anavyssos in southern Athens. SKLAVENITIS, a Greek Group of Companies with more than 60 years of experience in the retail market, is the largest retail business in Greece.

This is a project designed ad hoc for the Client, aimed at demonstrating, on a selected store, all the benefits of applying the FTE system that include efficiency and minimum consumption. Two advantages which, together with the quality of the Epta solutions and its expertise, have convinced the Retailer.

Epta has achieved important goals with the FTE patented system, able to respond more efficiently and optimally to the needs of the stores in all weather conditions. This is an aspect of crucial importance for the stores of the Sklavenitis Group located in a critical geographical area, characterised by high maximum temperatures that can reach 40°C in the summer months.

At the heart of the installation for SKLAVENITIS Store at Anavyssos is also ECO2SMALL+. This transcritical CO2 medium-low power refrigeration unit distinguishes itself for its compact size and the accessibility to all the components on one side, to allow their use also in a machine room with reduced dimensions and rapid maintenance.

Another distinctive element is the presence of a telemonitoring system that allows constant monitoring of all the operating parameters and to intervene promptly in case of need, to guarantee maximum continuity of operation.

To finish, special attention has been placed on the enhancement of the products inside the 900m2 store of Anavyssos, thanks to refrigerated cabinets branded Costan. Particularly outstanding are the vertical refrigerated display cabinets Gazelle and Lion that ensure maximum visibility of fresh pre-packaged products, the combined vertical refrigerated cabinets Cayman 2, dedicated to frozen products and the serve over refrigerated cabinet Velvet Design, able to ensure the perfect proportion between the glass surfaces and the structure of the cabinet, increasing the appeal of the specialities on display.