Vindija: unprecedented freshness and quality with Epta’s Eurocryor solutions


​The exclusive Eurocryor corners contribute to creating sales spaces in line with the promise of “Vindija Quality" for the stores of Varazdin and Osijek, in Croatia.

“Unprecedented freshness, quality and energy saving are the distinctive elements at the core of our furnishing systems. Our solutions for Vindija are designed to shape familiar locations in which to establish a trusting relationship with the customer, making their experience gratifying and interactive" declares Luca Menardi of Epta International.

Vindija, the leading retailer in Croatia, bases its success on the quality, freshness and wholesomeness of food. These key factors are also the basis of the growth of the Chain on international markets.

“Epta International boasts a consolidated collaboration with the Brand. We are always their first choice in projects that require maximum reliability, versatility and customization" declares Luca Menardi who continues “These new corner shops are tailored in every detail and merge the minimalism of Eurocryor's Stili line with the elegant design of the front. Line-up disappears in front of end-user's eyes and food becomes the protagonist. It's a way to boost sales, an additional value for our customer".

A special version of the traditional refrigerated cabinet

For the two most recent corners, Epta International proposed a special version of the serve-over refrigerated cabinet Bistrot, part of Stili Family by Eurocryor.

Uniqueness of this solution is granted by many exclusive features, giving value to products with higher margins:

  • extra clear straight glasses, for an unrivalled visibility of meats and dairy products displayed
  • “to the millimetre" refined layout, with 90° sharp open corner
  • understructure completely made of stainless steel
  • versatile, special led lighting with 4 colour hues (adjustable every 35 cm), essential to display each product category in the best way to bring out its quality and freshness.
  • backshelf [or working shelf] in Dekton®, ultra-compact and high-performance surface able to ensure maximum hygiene and resistance to stains/scratches/fire and heat
  • Innovative hot-humid technology for cooked ready-to-eat products.

How to improve the customer experience: make it sensorial

“Thanks to Bistrot Eurocryor, Epta International has been able to contribute to a transformation that favours the interaction between personnel and Customers" comments Luca Menardi who concludes: In a harmony of full and empty areas, colours and shapes, we have set a sensorial universe to make purchasing a truly experiential act".