Epta awarded “Leader della Sostenibilità 2022”


For the second year running, Epta is among the 150 “Leader della Sostenibilità” companies. The initiative was promoted by Sole 24 Ore (a leading financial and business newspaper in Italy) and by the analytics company Statista.

Epta was awarded as sustainable company for its dedication to “respecting nature, reducing emissions, protecting the environment and its employees.”


The research involved more than 1500 companies operating in Italy to assess their social, environmental and economic responsibility.

Multiple KPIs were analysed, such as waste volume, emissions, energy consumption, accidents at work, turnover rates and financial stability.

Each indicator was subsequently attributed a numeric value based on which the final ranking was drawn up, consultable in the Report.

Sustainable Development Goals: Epta’s commitment

Today, being a sustainable company is an essential prerogative. Having this theme at heart, Epta has integrated Sustainable Development Goals for some time into its business policy.

This is confirmed by data recorded in 2021, milestones reached thanks to a development strategy based on respect for the environment and attention to the social dimension.

The results obtained are central for the first Integrated Report of the company which represents the natural evolution after 10 editions of CSR Report.

9% reduction emerges in water consumption compared to 2019 and 92% waste recycling inside the plant.

Epta’s goals with a view to ESG

Epta’s commitment to become an increasingly sustainable company is also reflected inside the ESG assessment issued by Sustainalytics in February 2022.

The assessment provides a specific picture of the risks in terms of the ESG of Epta. The Group boasts a Low Risk of 19.8 and positions itself 17th out of 134 companies.

The ambitious sustainability goals Epta has set itself to achieve by 2025 include the achievement of 95% recycled waste and 55% reduction in CO2 emissions in industrial processes.

The route ahead is well-mapped out: Epta aims at implementing a business model where sustainability and responsibility are increasingly integrated.

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