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EptaService in Middle East


Maintenance Contracts

Expertise and fast action are crucial when it comes to offering really efficient after-sales services, thanks to specialized personnel and warehouses stocked with parts. We propose a full range of Maintenance Contracts to match customers need in terms of preventive and emergency calls.


Retrofit & Energy Efficiency solutions

EptaService offers dedicated solutions to maximize energy saving for existing stores: installation of doors or covers, VFD frequency inverters, high efficiency fans, LED lighting and many more. Our professional team proceeds with a first technological assessment of the existing plant, evaluating the most suitable solution for the renovation. These solutions make it possible to obtain up to 50% in energy savings and provide better food preservation. ROI & investment payback time calculation provide the best tools to support the decision.



EptaService’s Telemonitoring is a truly effective way to prevent issues and optimize the efficiency and reliability of the refrigeration system. More than 2,400 stores in the world rely on Epta Service's remote control management using an integrated software platform and the competence of a team of experts.  Epta guarantees remote supervision service 24/7.


Spare parts

Official Spare parts are easily recognizable thanks to a tracking system based on cabinet serial numbers and exploded views. Express courier services will guarantee on time delivery of parts to site, from our dedicated spare parts warehouses.