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Telemonitoring: Distance does not matter

Epta Service's reliable and quick response activity is further enhanced with constant store control and management; this is possible thanks to the remote monitoring of functional parameters; a truly effective way to prevent and resolve many problems, often without the need to visit stores.

More than 2,400 stores in the world rely on Epta Service's remote control management today: this service is based on an integrated software platform - developed by the best refrigeration experts and perfectly compatible with all controllers available on the market today - and on the competence of a team of experts specialized in interpreting the alarms. These engineers first make a real-time diagnosis of the problem, then they immediately and effectively adjust the system parameters via remote control or – if necessary - by a technician sent to the site. It is even possible to improve the performance levels of refrigeration systems through analysis and predictive algorithms, which allow the Retailer to achieve up to a 20% energy savings.

Epta guarantees remote supervision service 24/7.


Centralized monitoring

Centralized monitoring is based on:

  • the constant presence of expert engineers who can correctly interpret every alarm and provide a diagnosis in real time;
  • an integrated platform that interfaces with each Danfoss and Carel controller.


Important advantages from the system:

  • Possibility to compare data from different stores from different time slots;
  • Energy related diagnoses and comparisons, with the possibility to set energy saving targets and to monitor the achievements;
  • Consumption dashboards to have a quick and general overview of the performances of the store
  • Technical documentation;
  • Prevention of alarms and breakdowns, with a consequent reduction in maintenance costs;
  • Optimized planning of maintenance jobs.