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Assumburg Koeltechniek, partner of Epta International, collaborates with Vomar Voordeelmarkt, a chain of discount stores in the Netherlands, for the opening of its first Weesp store. The store, located in the centre of the town, was opened to offer Customers a full range of products for a quick shopping trip, focused on quality, convenience and functionality.


​The main challenge for Epta International was to develop a store with a key focus on energy saving and elegance. This was done through the restyling of the E.Leclerc store of Caldas da Rainha in Portugal.

Working side by side with the client, the Epta team was able to respond to every need and help shape a captivating food display area by increasing the attractiveness of the store and creating a truly unique shopping experience.

​The collaboration between the hypermarket Mercator and Epta International has consolidated itself. The latter was chosen yet again by the Retailer for the full restyling of its Primskovo store in Kranj. Mercator stands out for its innovative spirit and the desire to make itself a leader in the evolution of the Retail sector in Slovenia, focusing attention on consumers and sustainability.

Epta International alongside Tesco to restyle the hypermarket of Kaposvár, in south-west Hungary: a store focused on a design based on three key factors: customer satisfaction, sustainability and respect for the area.

A new collaboration focused on design and respect for the environment for Auchan and Epta International. The hypermarket chain has entrusted itself to the professionalism of the Epta team and to the quality of the systems and solutions branded Costan and Eurocryor to restyle the 12,000 m² hypermarket of Savoya Park, in Budapest.


Epta International furnishes the food-court of the new Luxembourg store in Place Guillaume II with chilled cabinets of a modern design, for a citizen-friendly purchasing experience and a special attention to efficiency and sustainability.

The ambition of Intermarché has always been to offer customers high quality products at affordable prices, hence the decision to entrust itself to Epta International to restyle its store of Beyne-Heusay in Liege, Belgium. This had led to a new generation supermarket that merges attention to the environment, enhancement of the articles and a welcoming layout

Idea, one of the major Serbian supermarket chains, chooses the professionalism of the Epta Group for their first CO2 transcritical installation, designed for the new store of Belgrade. A turning point for Idea, showing its renewed commitment for sustainable development.


IDEA chooses the Epta Group once again to equip the IDEA Organic store in Belgrade: a 136m²-convenience store dedicated entirely to organic products and healthy eating.


Epta Group is the star of the Tiv Ta'am store in Be'er Sheva in southern Israel with the partner Haargaz Group. It is a supermarket with a modern layout where the versatility of the Bonnet Névé and Eurocryor solutions contributes to enhancing a store with an international soul